Some things

So a lot has happened.

I have still been doing the cuddling thing with N. Its been really nice and despite the fact that its only been 3 sessions, it feels more like 12. We talked a while ago about not dating because he wants a more mono thing. But things have naturally progressed and we are trying out something casual., but taking that slow. And me being me, my anxiety has exploded because of it. Despite that, I am still excited about it. It’s a lot of new things to sort through, and my anxiety will calm down eventually. The bummer of this entire thing is knowing eventually N will find someone that is also mono. It will sting, and I know that. But I am also willing to give it a try because, well, why not. You never know with any relationship what will happen. S is still trying to decide if/how to approach his friend with his interest in her. I get how scary it is, and I hope he can move past his fear and talk to her at some point.

Work has been both stressful but fine. They laid off 3 people from our department and that sucked. My show started and there have been some really weird hiccups. Its been adding to my stress and probably making my anxiety just that much worse.