Not many things to say

I wish I had more to say on here. But honestly, I feel like there hasn’t been enough going on to talk about.

Work has turned into a weird hiatus machine. My show is in a weird spot because of a director change and another show is going on hiatus for some reason or other. I tried to have a meeting with my department head. I might as well have talked to a wall. I was given no information and felt more like being blown off. But who knows, he is not going to be supervising a show after this weekend, so maybe he can give me a real review and maybe then I can move forward in my career. I have been able to talk to more people at work and branch out with friends.

I am in hip hop dance now with some other women from work. It’s been good to get me moving around and breaking me out of my shell. I have always been so nervous about my body and I feel like this is helping me remember my body isn’t something to be scared of.

My skin has been improving. Probably has to do with drinking more water and eating better. Maybe the activity has been a help too.


And that’s it. That has been my life for the last while.