Job Life

Well, its come to that time in the VFX life that we all hate, contact ending.

I have a month left before my contract is up and after many, MANY, trips to management to talk contracts. I got an answer, not an unexpected one either. That chances are slim of a resign. There was a catch. The are actually wanting to find a way to keep me (or so they said anyway) as my supervisor is actually pushing for them to keep me. While this is really nice to hear and I would love to finish the project. But I couldn’t help but feel bad because I was told this wouldn’t be offered to everyone else. These people are my friends. But I can’t help but feel pumped by the fact that someone thinks my skills are worth keeping.

I was told next week I would hear my fate. But until then I need to do the job hunting. It seems like no one is looking. So here I am with no proof of skill and no one hiring and me needing to try and find work on the chance that my current job falls through. My chest feels a bit tight with anxiety, but I am also not as worried as I probably should be. I can only do so much. And even if I don’t get any call backs, I can’t say it’s because I didn’t try hard. I applied. I can’t force a company to call me back. I am doing good work where I am. And I can’t force them to keep me. So maybe that’s why I am not mind numbingly upset. Because deep down I know I can’t do more for the situation.

Either way, I hope I hear something soon. Because I would love that annoying feeling in my chest to leave.